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3D visualization of furniture in the interior

Do you need images of furniture commodity items for a furniture catalog for a website or do you want to print catalogs for an exhibition? You have come to the right place! We have been doing this for more than 5 years.
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3D visualization of furniture on a white background

Your furniture is worthy of a personal photo session! Even if it only exists in the form of drawings or drawings. Showing off every piece of furniture in an expressive way and placing images in the catalog can be the key to increasing sales.
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Inserting photos of furniture into the interior

When the products are in stock, it is often easier to shoot them with a camera, and "insert" photos into the image of the interior. This path is faster than conventional rendering with the creation of a photorealistic 3D model of a piece of furniture. You can judge the quality of the finished images yourself.
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3D visualization of doors in the interior

Not a single piece of furniture ... Doors, like furniture, are definitely worth showing in the interior. And this interior simply must match the door, since it will be perceived together with it as one whole.
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3D visualization of doors on a white background

Rendering doors on a white background requires a special approach. In order for the familiar rectangular shape of the door on studio shots with a white background to look realistic, it is necessary to carefully work with its lighting in an effective and voluminous manner.
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Insert photos of doors into the interior

As with the furniture that is in stock, and with the doors: if there are photographs of them, then you can substitute them in the interior. This option is most suitable for classic doors with intricate carved patterns or artistic milling. It is easier and faster to insert a finished photo of a door into the interior than to make such a complex 3D model.
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Furniture design

Once a customer approached us with a request to create a whole collection based on only one ... still from a film! He watched a movie where he saw a classic Provence style bed. Inspiration is embodied in beautiful furniture. If you have a desire to expand the assortment, we will be happy to help you with this! We create in any style you wish. Expanding existing collections.
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Web-showroom with furniture model rotation by 180 and 360 degrees

Interactive showcase for the site. The ability to rotate an object around an axis and view from all sides. A transitional option between familiar technologies and virtual 3D showcases of tomorrow. Instead of rotation, interactive animation of transformation mechanisms is possible. Simple and fast integration to any type of site engine.
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3D showroom with interactive material / tone configurator and animation of transformation mechanisms

Real and "honest" THREE DE (3D)! Here, in contrast to the transitional version-360, the rotation of the object along all possible axes. Also: zoom in / out, ONLINE change of upholstery fabric textures / materials / types of wood / color options, any options for animation of transformation mechanisms, sending an application for the resulting custom furniture model and other options that you want. The key to the individualistic and custom-oriented market of the future, available now!
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Briefly about us ...

My name is Nikolay Lobastov and I am in love with the business that I have been doing for over 15 years. Being engaged in 3D graphics, I chose the direction of furniture visualization and over the last five years of my life a lot of interesting projects have been implemented. Why furniture? - you may ask. Once I was at a furniture exhibition, where I met representatives of various furniture factories from my country. I was still taking on any visualization and 3D modeling projects that I could get my hands on. Communicating with the exhibitors, I was interested in whether there is a need for furniture companies to visualize their products. The reaction of some of the owner-producers and managers struck me as a mild shock. Despite the huge number of freelance visualizers, as well as visualization studios, furniture companies are finding it difficult to find performers who can "render" furniture on visualization in the proper quality. And I myself, being a visualizer, did not imagine that the visualization of furniture is a very specific direction, in which there is a sea of ​​nuances and details, without understanding which "you will not go far."

Cooperating with furniture manufacturers, many things that seemed to me elementary earlier turned out to be not so simple. I think that it happens in any other business in which you immerse yourself. After a while, I began to clearly distinguish the difference between rendering an interior and rendering furniture in an interior. Now I can say for sure that furniture cannot be "so easily inserted into some interior". Any furniture has not only its own style, but also its own soul or personality. I am sure that a true "furniture maker" has similar feelings for his sofas, kitchens and chairs. It is easy to verify that these things have their own character. For example, there is a typical task to show a sofa in the interior, a sofa in the Loft style, for example. If you do it literally - insert this sofa into some loft interior, then you will get a pretty good picture ... of the Loft interior, but not the sofa. This is the kind of magic it turns out. So why do I endow the furniture with "soul", "personality", "character"? Everything is very simple - when rendering, furniture requires an attitude towards itself as a person with all the ensuing consequences. In the case of the example of a Loft sofa, which we want to show effectively in the interior, it is necessary that the entire interior, light settings, cameras, colors serve our sofa as a suite for the king. Only with this approach I began to get real results, which can be called the rendering of furniture for the catalog.

Eva Tayurskaya is the person whose sense of beautiful and artistic style allows the "personality" of furniture to expressively reveal itself in images. It is her delicate taste and flair that allows you to choose the decor that best suits the character of the piece of furniture. Eva is not only a stylist-decorator, furniture designer, colorist, she is also an art critic for the Colmar3d project. This project was created by us 5 years ago and it happened in a natural way that I do not send a single render to the Customer until the image has passed the OTK taste and style check from Eva. Since Eva is closely related to the world of fashion and design, it is she who subtly feels what effect the presentation and display should produce on the viewer so that the product is remembered and people want to buy it. The visualizations, created with Evan's active participation, have delighted the discerning customers of Boyan Design, a London-based design studio. The furniture collections that were ordered to us were made by Eva and they are successfully produced at furniture factories in Moscow and are sold.





Boyan Design

Rendering tables on white background


Visualization of sliding wardrobes on a white background and in the interior

Keeng Furniture
Saint Petersburg

Visualization of sofas on a white background and in the interior


Insert existing furniture photos into interiors


Visualization of sofas in the interior and on a white background


Visualization of sofas in the interior and on a white background


Visualization of decors in the interior

YAR Furniture brand

Visualization of the kitchen in the interior

Linea Lux

    - Furniture collection design,

    - Visualization of furniture in the interior and on a white background,

    - Visualization of door-partitions in the interior,

    - Visualization of furniture facades on a white background

Larix Group

Visualization of wooden decorative wall panels in the interior

First Facade Factory

Visualization of furniture facades


Visualization of banquets with capitonné


Visualization of children's furniture in the interior and on a white background

Dia Furniture

Insert existing furniture photos into interiors


Insert existing furniture photos into interiors

Borovichi furniture

Visualization of children's furniture and sofas in the interior

Legno Mobili

Visualization of doors in the interior and on a white background


Visualization of doors in the interior


Visualization of outdoor furniture in urban space


Visualization of doors in the interior (doors + wardrobes)

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